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About Altavoz

Altavoz is an independent, full-service entertainment distributor offering a wide range of physical and digital distribution, marketing and payment solutions. Altavoz ensures that artists and producers have access to a unique array of traditional and out‐of-the‐boxdistribution solutions and are creatively promoted so they can build their presence, make their mark, and earn a living ��?all with a social conscience via its social change arm, Help Earth Foundation For more information, visit www.altavoz.comA Subsidiary of Max Media Group, Inc.
In addition to the distribution services, Altavoz is teaming up with QastMe to help new suppliers get a solid foundation in their marketing promotion. QastMe's proprietary new system offers search engine optimization and mass communication via traditional press channels and all of the major social media applications, giving you more exposure in one easy step.
About QastMe

QastMe provides 3 necessary marketing components that ensures success in the online marketplace today. Get branded & broadcasted by QastMe with logo design, social media cover photos, website development, and maximum multi-channel content distribution. The QastMe mission is to Inspire people to StoryTell, & Broadcast everywhere, while providing the services to accelerate the real-time eyeball acquisition and targeted audience delivered to the client’s sales funnel. Subsidiary of BizVizable Vancouver.